Official Team Kwan Chang (TKC) – All Black Instructor Uniform & Crest Patches


he Team Kwan Chang (TKC) Uniform is
specially designed for Instructors to wear daily as
their main uniform while teaching as it provides not
only maximum comfort and easy care, it looks
AWESOME! The embroidery work is extensive with
“Rang-Do” (Ronin) (Hwarang Knight’s Disciple) in
Chinese Characters; then on the back it has a huge
Um/Yang with “Hwa Rang Do” & “Tae Soo Do” in
gold. It is truly a uniform you can be proud to wear.
It also comes with beautiful monogramming.
TKC Members are hand selected by the Head
Instructor/Head Master of each Branch.
Note: These Uniforms are custom-made and is
ordered individually so please expect at least 6 to 8
weeks for delivery.