The Arts

Throughout the evolution of the human race, combat has also evolved in many forms.  From the earliest periods of survival on the battlefields of hand-to-hand combat to the formal martial art systems in existence today, people have always been exploring possibilities.  As civilization has evolved with a greater sense of civility, the practice of martial arts has branched into many forms that are not just related to the physical destruction of an enemy.  Rather, the practice of "The Arts" is distinguished by focusing more on the journey of practitioners to develop themselves as humans through the technical skills of a particular combative field.

We recognize that there are other possibilities of what many consider martial arts such as MMA and other sport type systems, however, this site is focused on the traditional martial arts that pursue the development of their practitioners physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through cohesive systems.  The lineage, culture, and community of these systems bring depth and value to these traditional arts which have lasted through the test of time.

Best wishes in your training!