Hwa Rang Do® ~ History and Highlights History, Theory, and Demo Highlights

SKU: V1100

This DVD contains the history and the theory of Hwa Rang Do®, the most comprehensive martial art in existence. Hwa Rang Do® is a traditional yet innovative martial art. The combat skills of this art were proven on the battlefield. Still today tales of the courageous Hwa Rang from ancient Korea 2000 years ago are told. They were known as the fiercest fighting sect throughout Asia. The combat skills of the Silla Hwarang were passed secretly for over 600 years in the mountains of Korea. Hwa Rang Do® Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee has ever since 1960 continued to uphold this tradition teaching the public. Also this is a collection of some of the best demos throughout the decades. The highlight range from the 1960's till present day. Here you can catch a glimpse of the vast syllabus of Hwa Rang Do®.