Hwa Rang Do® ~ Military Combat Skills 1 - Knife Defense

SKU: V1119

Hwa Rang Do® is one of the most comprehensive combative systems in existence. Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his students have taught Hwa Rang Do's® hand to hand and weapon combat tactics to the Airborne, Force Recon, Commando Personnel, Special Forces, Ranger-UDT, and SEAL units. The syllabus of this art contains a vast array of both open hand and weapon techniques. A weapon is an extension of the body, so all of the same principles about distance, direction, and angles of attack apply to the knife defense situation. Using the principles of joint manipulation, you will be able to counter your opponent's knife attacks and then take them down and make them surrender. This DVD is essential for all peace officers and military personnel that may run into the knife attacker.