Hwa Rang Do® ~ Military Combat Skills 2 - Knife Fighting and Throwing

SKU: V1120

Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his students have taught Hwa Rang Do's® hand to hand and weapon combat tactics to the Airborne, Force Recon, Commando Personnel, Special Forces, Ranger-UDT, and SEAL units. If one is to continue knife training for combat, you must understand the offensive techniques as well as the defensive applications. There are countless combinations of possible cutting and stabling opportunities, and this tape will introduce the viewer to many of Hwa Rang Do's® knife fighting combative techniques. Here you will learn about the different footwork, grips, and attacks possible for the offensive knife fighter. This tape also includes details about knife throwing. If necessary, the knife can be used as an accurate projectile which will finish any confrontation. This DVD is a must for those individuals who need to study the knife in an offensive manner.