The Complete Michael D. Echanis Collection: The Special Forces/Hand-to-Hand Combat/Special Tactics Series

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This book is a comprehensive compilation of the highly popular three-volume Special Tactics series from legendary soldier Michael D. Echanis. Since the series first hit the martial arts scene in 1977, Echanis’ unique approach to hand-to-hand combat techniques and knife fighting has revolutionized reality-based fighting. Based on the ancient Hwa Rang Do techniques and the Hwarang warriors, The Complete Michael D. Echanis Collection combines close-quarters combat with lethal knife-fighting strategies, creating a necessary read for the modern-day fighter. Hand-to-hand combat techniques and tactics include how to develop ki power, why proper grip is essential when fighting with a weapon — knives, sticks or canes — as well as what techniques will disarm and control a potential attacker. The Complete Michael D. Echanis Collection is fully illustrated and also delves into the art of moving stealthily, which is known as un ship bop, the Korean counterpart to Japanese ninjutsu, otherwise known as sentry stalking in modern military vernacular. Michael D. Echanis was a senior instructor for the Special Forces/Ranger Hand-to-Hand Combat/Special Weapons School and was privately tutored by the founder of the World Hwa Rang Do Association, Dr. Joo Bang Lee. Michael D. Echanis was the first American ranked as a sulsa in the history of hwa rang do. He is also well-known for the practical approach to close-quarters combat that he brought to the U.S. military. In 1978, Michael D. Echanis died in an unexplained helicopter crash in Nicaragua.