Hache Hogu – Patented WHRDA Leg Protectors (Adult or Child Size)


Made to be worn over the Kapsang or Tare.
Velcro straps for easy & secure attachments.
Made from 100% Indigo dyed cotton
Durable black lacquered bamboo slats

The Hache Hogu (Leg Protector) was
invented by Grandmaster Taejoon
Lee in order to apply Hwarangdo’s
signature rotational cuts and strikes
as well as delivering legal strikes to
the legs without causing injury.
This piece of armor is a Vital
component of “Gumtoogi” (HRD
Sword Fighting) and “BongtoogI”
(HRD Stick Fighting) and can only be
purchased through WHRDA.

Protected by all US Patent laws and must have
the WHRDA Seal. If not, please report immediately
to the WHRDA