Hwa Rang Do® - Defend, Takedown, Submit

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In Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Take Down, Submit, authors Taejoon Lee (the eldest son of Dr. Joo Bang Lee) and Mark Cheng present a variety of easy-to-understand self-defense combination techniques complete with set-ups and variations for different attack situations. This well-rounded collection of strikes, joint-manipulations, throws, grappling and submission techniques fits beautifully into the 3-step Defend-Takedown-Submit formula presented within, helping you develop empty-hand defenses for any position from any angle! Each technique at every stage is presented with careful precision, richly illustrated with detailed photographs and highly descriptive instructions. This text also presents a comprehensive analysis and detailed history of the art of Hwa Rang Do, complete with archival photographs and representative artwork. The military, cultural, mythical and philosophical origins of Korea's legendary Hwarang Corps are discussed in unprecedented detail, providing a multi-dimensional history that leads all the way up to Hwa Rang Do’s founder and current leader, Dr. Joo Bang Lee. Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Take Down, Submit is the first official publication produced by the World Hwa Rang Do Association in more than 25 years. Black Belt is proud to present this guide to Hwa Rang Do’s technical and cultural significance for a new generation of historians, instructors and Korean martial art practitioners.